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Variotherm Skirting Heating

Choice of design, quick reacting and energy saving

Variotherm Skirting Heating installed

Variotherm skirting heating is the ideal solution for cold walls and large glazed areas. Within minutes they produce a curtain of warm air along cold walls and windows. Protected from the cold, the walls radiate comfortable, gentle warmth. They react very quickly because unlike other hot water heating systems they operate with very little water. Combined with low flow temperatures, the result is a significant saving in fuel costs. Comfortable warmth is guaranteed even during the coldest days of the year.

  • Fast reacting hot water heating system
  • Exceptionally economical: energy-saving low flow temperatures give significant fuel savings
  • Skirting radiators quickly create a curtain of warm air along cold external walls and windows, shielding the room from cold air
  • Unobtrusive and space saving, with individual choice of colour for metal or wooden cover plates
  • Compatible with wall and floor heating systems
  • Fast and simple installation, even in older buildings
  • Effectively combats condensation and mould on walls
  • Good air quality: skirting radiators produce minimal convected heat and hence minimal dust movement
  • Proven technology: satisfied customers in thousands of buildings over more than 25 years
  • 10 year warranty

Variotherm Skirting Radiators are suitable for any project, whether new-build or refurbishment. They can be installed anywhere: in new buildings or older buildings, in living rooms, attic conversions, conservatories or terraces. "Mini" versions are available for situations where space is limited.

Variotherm offer a choice of appearance and output to suit the widest range of projects. Any length is available in two types, Delta and Classic, each with four models, mini, Ia, IIa and IIIa.

Delta skirting radiators
Supplied complete with elegant, powder-coated metal covers. Standard colour white, other colours available to special order.

Classic skirting radiators
Supplied as heating elements with fixing brackets to which you fit your own front and top cover plates, whether wood or metal.

Heating element
Heating element
Delta mini
Delta mini
Delta Ia
Delta Ia
Classic IIa
Classic IIa
Classic IIIa
Classic IIIa
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These infrared images show how Variotherm skirting radiators rapidly heat up and protect the interior from cold walls. Within a few minutes they build up a cutain of warm air, producing a comfortable indoor climate. The walls are heated and emit radiant heat which produces a gentle warmth - just like the radiant heat produced by the Sun.
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Variotherm Skirting Heating
Choice of design, quick reacting and energy saving
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