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Variotherm EasyFlex Wall Heating

Energy saving radiant wall heating for plastered construction work

Variotherm EasyFlex Wall Heating installed

Variotherm EasyFlex is a high performance wall heating solution for flat or curved surface mounting and close pipe spacing (only 77mm). This means every wall is heated very fast and efficiently. EasyFlex is also extremely thin, with a structural height of only 17mm. It is an extremely flexible system which offers creative design freedom.

  • Cost-efficient - helps save heating costs
  • Optimum heat transmission: Heating operates with lowest possible water temperature
  • Large-area low temperature system - Through use of wall storage ability exceptionally energy saving
  • Produces a high amount of heat very quickly, due to the small 77mm distance between pipes
  • The slim resiliant bar with Variomodular pipe has a structural height of only 17mm
  • One complete system from one manufacturer – no warranty problems for installer
  • Unique on the market: Variomodular Pipe was specifically designed for wall heating of plastered walls
  • Many possibilities - can also be used to create a tiled stove, or a “tepidarium” (thermal bath)
  • Variotherm wall heating offer best possible combination of components (wall panel, heating pipe, plaster)
  • 77mm pipe spacing of Variomodular Pipe enables easy identification of pipes with Variotherm Pipe Locator (hanging of pictures etc.)
  • Variotherm systems bear the IBO-Quality seal (Austrian Institute of Healthy and Ecological Building)
  • Breathable building materials – healthy for your family & home
  • Proven technology for more than 20 years in thousands of homes and buildings
  • 10 years warranty with warranty certificate
Variotherm EasyFlex Wall Heating

Variotherm wall heating can be found in blocks of flats, family homes, nurseries, schools, hotels, offices and production facilities - in fact everywhere, where people wish to enjoy the organically healthy radiant heating which these systems produce. How you shape the wall is up to you. From the invisibly integrated wall heating to decorative ledges and cornices, lots of architectural solutions are possible.

Variotherm Wall Heating systems increase the human comfort level considerably. They produce longwaved horizontal infrared radiant heat which provides ultimate comfort, just like sun warmth which is also radiant heat. Unlike heat from conventional heating systems radiant heat does not travel upwards and dust circulation is avoided. Variotherm Wall Heating is thus ideal for your comfort and provides a healthy room climate.

As a large-surface low temperature system Variotherm wall heating uses the ability of walls to store heat, which provides great energy savings and can be ideally combined with all alternative energy systems such as heat pumps, solar installations etc.

With Variotherm wall heating you can also create a super ambient climate in summer. How? Simply by letting cold water circulate through your wall heating system. And immediately your wall heating turns into organically healthy wall cooling.

Without all the troublesome dust and air which are raised by conventional air-conditioning systems. With Variotherm wall cooling you can enjoy a feeling of well-being in summer, which you will otherwise only experience in the natural, cool shade of a mighty tree.

The organically harmonious and physically beneficial Variotherm wall cooling works as follows: the walls are cooled by the circulation of cold water. The human body automatically emits warmth to the cool walls. As a result heat stored within the body is reduced in a biologically compatible way, and you experience a pleasantly cool sensation.

Conventional air-conditioning units use a lot of energy. They have to circulate large amounts of air in order to cool a room. This generates an aggressive kind of cold which can cause a temperature shock when people enter the room. The dust stirred up by the air-conditioned circulating air and the mites it contains are extremely detrimental to health.

Instead of cooling the air, Variotherm wall cooling in contrast cools the human body by drawing off its warmth. This is much healthier and also creates a much more pleasant sensation. In flats under the roof Variotherm wall cooling always ensures an ideal ambient climate, even during hot weather.

Variotherm wall cooling operates at minimal energy input. It cools not the air but the heat stored in the human body. This is more effective, healthier and considerably cheaper. A long-term comparison has shown that our wall cooling has much lower operating costs than conventional air-conditioning systems.


High speed wall heating system with structural height of only 17mm.

1 Variomodular pipe 11.6 x 1.5mm
2 Resiliant bar 11.6mm / 77mm
3 Fastening with nail peg
4 Plastering mesh (not supplied)
5 Plaster (not supplied)


Ideal for tiled stoves, heated living landscapes or thermal baths. Eco-Heating Plaster can be applied to a concrete surface without the need for pretreatment or a plastering mesh.

1 Variomodular pipe 11.6 x 1.5mm
2 Resiliant bar 11.6mm / 77mm
3 Fastening with nail peg
4 Variotherm Eco-Heating Plaster
1 Variomodular pipe 11.6 x 1.5mm
2 Resiliant bar 11.6mm / 77mm
3 Fastening with nail peg
4 Variotherm Eco-Heating Plaster
5 Flexible adhesive (not supplied)
6 Ceramic tiles (not supplied)

Variomodular pipe 11.6 x 1.5mm Application of Eco-Heating Plaster Heating circuit distributor
Variotherm Room Temperature Controls
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Variotherm EasyFlex Wall Heating
Energy saving radiant wall heating for plastered construction work
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Variotherm Heating Systems - Overview
Radiant wall and floor heating
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