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Variotherm Ducted Channel Heating

Individual, practical & energy saving

Variotherm Skirting Heating installed

Variotherm Ducted Channel Heating is a practical, individual & energy saving solution for exhibition rooms, conservatories, patios or living rooms with large glass fronts. In contrast to floor heatings ducted channel heatings react very quickly. They produce a gentle haze of hot air along cold glass fronts, separating room air from the cold glass front. Variotherm Ducted Channel Heating gives you complete interior design freedom

  • Affordable and efficient
  • Hot air haze quickly builds up along cold glass fronts
  • The specially designed lamellas of the grids point hot air directly onto cold glass fronts
  • Cold influx from walls and glass fronts is shielded from interior
  • Almost invisible; Ducted Channel Heating leaves you with complete interior design freedom
  • Available in any desired length – customised for your individual building needs
  • Many years of proven technology in exhibition rooms, conservatories and patios
  • 10-year warranty with warranty certificate

Variotherm Ducted Heating is uniquely ideal for large glass fronts in conservatories, verandas and showrooms. The heating element is right next to the glass surface. In addition the openings in the cover grid feed the warm air directly on to the glass surfaces. This creates a veil of warm air in front of the glass surface within minutes and screens out incoming cold.

Heating element
The heart of Variotherm Ducted Heating is a copper pipe on which aluminium heating fins are mounted by a patented process. As a result a considerable improvement in efficiency is achieved in low temperature technology.

Available in two types:
• BKH 1 (width: 180 mm)
• BKH 2 (width: 268 mm)
at two heights: 130 mm or “mini” at 100 mm, and to your required length.
BKH-1 BKH-2 BKH-1 "mini" BKH-2 "mini"
The anodized aluminium grids come in gold, silver or brown as standard colours. Other colours and wooden grids are possible upon request.
BKH-1 diagram
BKH-2 diagram
BKH-1 mini diagram
BKH-1 "mini"
BKH-2 mini diagram
BKH-2 "mini"

Place into position Horizontal fitting with adjusting screws Underfill for underfoot stability
Connect duct
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Variotherm Ducted Channel Heating
Individual, practical & energy saving
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