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An elegant wood-burning stove

Topolino stove

The Topolino heat storage stove uses new material technology to achieve a fuel efficiency of 86%. It can serve as the sole heat source in low-energy houses, or as an additional heat source elsewhere. Its low-emission combustion is environmentally friendly and the stove is manufactured from mainly recycled materials.

  • Wood is a renewable fuel
  • Easy to use - single handle control
  • High capacity heat storage
  • Over two thirds of the heat is taken up by cermaic elements
  • Heat is discharged slowly and continually
  • Maximum output of 1.8kW after only 90 minutes
  • Overall efficiency 83%
  • Simple modular construction
  • Fast, simple and low-cost installation
  • Can be disassembled and moved

The Swiss design team GAAN set itself a target of creating a small ceramic wood-fired stove which optimises performance with a stylish appearance. The result, the Topolino, offers a comfortable living climate through ingenious design and use of modern materials, while at the same time minimising pollution.

The stove needs only 6kg of wooden logs that burn down in 11/2 hours, but continues to heat the room for 12 to 18 hours. The free-standing storage stove is always fired at full load. More than two thirds of the heat is stored in heat storage elements, which dissipate the heat slowly and continuously. The operation is controlled with a twist of the handle.

The Topolino is manufactured from mainly recycled materials. The elegantly curved side elements are made from recycled porcelain. The front white element is made of fused alumina, which has an exceptional heat capacity and conductivity.

The Topolino reaches its maximum output of 1.8 kW (6,000 BTU/h) after just 90 minutes. The output then reduces slowly but is still 0.5 kW (1,700 BTU/h) after 12 hours. Depending on the building insulation quality, Topolino can heat a room volume of 80 to 200 m³ (2,800 to 7,200 ft3).

During the firing phase, 10% of the energy quickly heats up the room; then 66% of the accumulated heat is released slowly from the storage elements over a period of 18 hours. The overall efficiency is 83%.

Because of the modular assembly, the stove can be quickly and easily assembled. At a future date, the stove can be dismantled and relocated. After years of trouble-free use worn parts in the firebox can be easily replaced by the owners.

Heat capacity 3-8 kW
Nominal output 8 kW (DIN)
Heated space up to 300 m³ (MINERGIE standards)
Overall efficiency 83%
Log size up to 33cm (13”)
Firebox capacity 4.5 - 6 kg hardwood logs
Burning time 1.5 hours
Heating time (one load) 12-18 hours
Flue draught 10 Pa (min)
Size (w x d x h) 515 x 580 x 1400 mm
Weight 415 kg


Standard version: white polished front with light grey sides

Also available:

  front (polished or textured) - black, light grey
  sides (textured only) - black
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An elegant wood burning stove
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