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Stylish and compact, low pollution wood-burning stove


The T-ONE stove is designed for the modern home. Its novel design allows the logs to burn from top to bottom ensuring low pollution from a long lasting flame. The ceramic stove has a large frameless glass door that shows off the fire to its best advantage. A modern design from a Swiss company established 125 years ago.

  • Wood is a renewable fuel
  • Easy to use - single handle control
  • High capacity heat storage
  • Over two thirds of the heat is taken up by cermaic elements
  • Heat is discharged slowly and continually
  • Overall efficiency 80%
  • Simple and safe operation
  • The patented frameless glass door is very easy to clean
  • Designed with child safety in mind

The best ideas are often incredibly simple. Like the T-ONE. Here the logs are placed upright and lit from the top. The wood burns from top to bottom, like a candle, achieving the most efficient combusiton with exceptionally low emissions. The large glass window means that the room warms up quickly and allows you to enjoy watching the very special burning process, which lasts about 90 minutes.


The unique and simple design of the T-ONE SWING gives it a timeless elegance. However, this stove is not just attractive to look at; it is impressive even in small spaces.

The stove cladding is moulded from cast artificial stone and ceramics. The surface is painstakingly finished by hand to give the texture of your choice: polished or rough. You can choose both colour and material to suit your home environment - modern or more rustic, as you prefer. And thanks to its sophisticated option, the rotating pedestal, the T-ONE SWING can even be set up so that you always have the best possible view of the fire.


The straight, Cubist design of the T-ONE STONE appeals to lovers of the Modernist style. Its compact size means that there is room for this stove even in the tightest of corners. Clad in soapstone or other polished natural stone, the T-ONE STONE always creates a refined and elegant impression. The newest cladding option, a textured concrete look, is really unique.

What makes it really special, however, is the T-BAKE option, an ingenious baking unit designed to transform your stove into a gourmet oven. One load of logs will then keep you snug and warm for over six hours whilst also allowing you to bake bread, pizza or cake at the same time - filling your lounge with healthy, radiant heat and the delicious smell of fresh, home-cooked food.

Whichever T-ONE you decide on, you will be the owner of a stove where design and functionality are perfectly combined. The fire looks particularly effective seen through the frameless door, made entirely of glass. But at the same time, the door cannot easily be opened by small children, because the handle is at the top. Using the T-ONE is incredibly easy: load it with wood, open the sliding air vent, light the logs at the top, close the door - and enjoy the fire. The wood burns cleanly and creates little ash. The practical ash container can be emptied in a moment.

Heat capacity 3 - 6 kW nominal
Heating space Up to 140 m³
Dimensions W 410mm, D 425 mm, H 1395mm
Weight 215 kg
Fuel efficiency 85 %
Overall efficiency
80 %
Storage capacity
60 %
Burning time
60 - 90 mins
Fuel load 3.5 kg
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Wood fired heating - an overview
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