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An elegant, high performance wood-burning stove

T-LOFT stove

A fire is always a pleasure to look at. In the T-LOFT you can see it at its best - thanks to the frameless glass door and the clean lines of the stove design. With this stove, too, you have a choice of cladding: polished soap stone or cast artificial stone in various colours and with different surface finishes.

The T-LOFT is extremely flexible. The flue can be connected at the back or on top, and the external supply of combustion air can be fed in from below or from the back. And the T-LOFT is not only attractive and versatile, but also very easy to use: it has one simple lever which is used for both opening the door and operating the air vent.

  • Wood is a renewable fuel
  • Easy to use - single handle control
  • High capacity heat storage
  • Over two thirds of the heat is taken up by cermaic elements
  • Heat is discharged slowly and continually
  • Overall efficiency 83%
  • Simple and safe operation

Combining the clean lines and elegant design fo the T-ONE with the heating performance and storage capapcity of the Topolino, the T-LOFT is multi-talented. It will start to dissipate comfortable radiant heat just 45 minutes after being lit - and will continue so for over 10 hours. It is also every bit as sophisticated as its predecessors in terms of operating comfort; like the Topolino, the T-LOFT combines air valve and door handle in just one simple lever. An easy-care frameless glass door and big views of the fire inside the stove are just some of the features of the T-LOFT.

The T-LOFT is extremely flexible in its location. The flue can be connected at the back or on top, and the external supply of combustion air can be fed directly from below or from the back. Tonwerk wood-burning heat storage stoves integrate with the architecture of your home.

If you are looking for unrivalled comfort or planning to heat several rooms at the same time, the T-LOFT PLUS is an excellent addition to your existing central heating system. With the aid of a heat exchanger (hot water absorber), the T-LOFT PLUS can distribute up to 50% of the energy generated by the stove throughout the whole house. And if your home is built to low-energy specifications you can even use your T-LOFT PLUS as a heating system in its own right.

Wood consumption for a burning time of 60-90 minutes 4.5-6 kg
Heating time >10h
Fuel efficiency 86%
Total efficiency 83%
Heat storage capacity 68%
Weight 300-340 kg
Flue connection on top / at back
External air connection (accessory) from below / at back
Flue draught min. 10 Pa
Air volume per burning session at 20 ºC room temperature approx. 45m³
VKF no. Z11753
VHe No. 0104/2
DIN No. 18 891/15a B-VG
Date publishedTitleFile sizeDocument type
Wood fired heating - an overview
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