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Azur solar collector

High performance flat plate solar collector for heating

Azur solar collector on display at Construction Resources

The Azur is a very high performance flat plate solar collector for hot water, space heating or swimming pool heating. Its performance is close to that of evacuated tube collectors, but with a price that is far lower. This solar collector is exceptionally sturdy, durable, efficient and versatile to install.

  • For heating domestic hot water, space heating and swimming pool heating
  • The low-iron solar glass is exceptionally strong and its special surface is low glare
  • Sturdy, durable and high quality materials
  • Exceptionally efficient
  • High active area
  • High quality ES stainless steel absorber
  • Very versatile installation options

At the SPF solar test institute in Rapperswil, Switzerland, where over 200 different solar collector have been tested, the Azur achieved exceptional results both for efficiency and for durability. Although it is a glazed flat plate collector, its performance almost reaches that of vacuum tube collectors, but its price is far lower.

At the heart of the Swiss made Azur is the ES stainless steel absorber, available unglazed as the ES Solar Roof, also stocked by Construction Resources. The dimpled surface of the absorber is covered with a durable black selective coating that converts solar radiation into heat very efficiently, but does not re-radiate the heat.

The absorber is made of two sheets of high quality stainless steel, ensuring a long lifetime. A water and anti-freeze mixture flows between the two sheets, irrigating the whole sheet area. Due to the absorber’s stamping pattern of top and bottom plates the liquid flows turbulently, which results in a very good heat transfer.

Further features include low iron solar glass, strong aluminium frame and the ozone and UV-resistant EPDM-seals.

The matching accessories allow a great versatility in the installation. Purpose made brackets allow the Azur to installed onto flat surfaces or walls, with brackets above the tiles on pitched roofs or integrated into the roof covering - a particularly aesthetic option.

Turnkey solar thermal systems are available. From two Azur collectors upward, any number can be combined to provide a desired system size. It is possible to install them as a complete glazed solar roof cover as a replacement for tiles.

Thousands of installations - from two bedroom houses to large blocks of flats, office blocks to public buildings such as schools, hospitals and old people’s homes have proved the exceptional performance and popularity of the Azur.

Collector model
Azur 6
Standard size 2430 x 930 x 105 mm
(1590 x 930 x 105 mm to order)
Active absorber area 2.03 m² (1.30 m²)
Weight 60 kg (39 kg)
Efficiency up to 85% (Tested by SPF to ISO 9806-2 and EN12975-2)

Available in vertical and horizontal orientations for above roof mounting and roof integration.

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Azur solar collector
Water and space heating for larger buildings
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