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EFG energy optimisign systems

High-performance energy control systems

System schema

High-performance energy control systems for maximum performance from solar collectors and other renewable and non-renewable heat sources.

Around 85% of energy consumption in buildings is for water and space heating. With gas, electricity and oil prices rising increasingly steeply, a state-of-the-art EFG Energy Optimising System from Construction Resources can make large savings on energy costs and at the same time improve comfort. These savings will apply for any fuel, but they will be multiplied if solar collectors are included in the system, and even more if low-temperature in-wall and under-floor heating is used instead of radiators.

  • Energy savings
  • Suits domestic, commercial and public buildings
  • Mains pressure domestic hot water at constant temperature
  • Provides two heating circuit temperatures, low and high
  • Integrates conventional boilers with solar-thermal
  • Add other renewable heat sources to suit
  • Fully factory assembled, exceptionally easy to install

EFG Energy Optimising Systems are flexible and completely modular. Fully factory assembled, pre-wired and pre-tested, they are reliable, durable, and “plug and play” - exceptionally easy to install. They will maximise the effectiveness of any type of heat source, whether renewable or non-renewable, and will optimise the production of domestic hot water and the distribution of any form of central heating (or cooling).

An EFG system is modular and consists of a number of components:

  • a stratifying heat store
  • a module that produces domestic hot water
  • one or two modules that distribute central heating around the building
  • one or more modules to bring in heat from up to 3 heat sources
  • a wall-mounted system manifold on which these modules are fitted
  • a user-programmable computer-based controller that links all these components together and regulates their operation.

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EFG energy optimising systems
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