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Tierrafino Clay Finish

Plaster and coloured finish in one

Tierrafino clay finish

Tierrafino Clay Finish is a through colour clay plaster skim coat, providing an attractive internal decorative coloured finish. The 100% natural product, made in six blendable colour options, consists of a natural mixture of fine sands and clays with no added pigment.

  • Tierrafino is both tough and fireproof
  • Tierrafino allows the building surfaces to breathe
  • Tierrafino, like all clay plasters, can be reworked at any time
  • Clay surfaces are cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Clay surfaces absorb and diffuse water vapour
  • Clay absorbs odours
  • Wide range of suitable uses, from high comfort, low energy modern buildings, to the refurbishment of ancient buildings

Clay is one of the earliest used basic building materials but is now recognised as a thoroughly modern and convenient building material with outstanding natural properties.

Construction Resources is proud to introduce Tierrafino, a product that is widely used all over the continent. There is nothing else like it on the market. The rough textured and subtle coloured finish is quite unique. It has the big advantage that both colour and textured finish are completed in one operation.

The product is best used as a finishing coat and is mixed with water.

The eight basic colours - Dover White, Delphi White, Roman Ochre, Nassau Orange, Iquitos Green, Gomera Grey, Ayers Rock, and Djenné Red - can be blended to produce a very broad palette, and give considerable scope for creative application and stunning interiors.

It is supplied in 25 kg bags, with 40 bags to a pallet. An experienced plasterer can cover about 250 m² from one pallet, depending on the surface being plastered.

It is suitable for use on all absorbent and prepared interior surfaces such as plasterboard, concrete, brickwork, blockwork or plaster. However, with the exception of the clay plaster undercoat, all other surfaces need to have the Tierrafino Contact applied before using Tierrafino.

The finished Tierrafino surface can have a rough texture or a smoother texture. It is not suitable for external use.

Tierrafino is easy to maintain and repair. Even years later, scuffed or damaged areas can be simply restored to a pristine state by dampening and repatching or by dampening and wiping the affected area with a sponge. So the imperfections or damage can be invisibly repaired. Jobs, such as chasing in a new electrical conduit, become much simpler tasks and leave little, if any, trace of having been done.

Covering area
5 -7 m² per bag (approx)
Thickness 2 - 3 mm
Colours Dover White, Delphi White, Roman Ochre, Nassau Orange, Iquitos Green, Gomera Grey, Ayers Rock, Djenné Red
Packaging 25kg bags
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Date publishedTitleFile sizeDocument type
Tierrafino Clay Finish
Textured Clay Finish with through colour
260 KB Product sheet
Tierrafino plaster
Textured, through colour finishing plaster
75 KB Technical data sheet
Tierrafino Fix
Sealant for clay plasters.
29 KB Technical data sheet
Tierrafino Contact
A primer for maximum adhesion of Tierrafino Clay Plasters and Tierrafino Stone.
24 KB Technical data sheet

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