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Cellulose wool insulation batt ideally suited for timber-frame construction

VITAL 040 insulation

Vital 040 is a cellulose insulation in batt form that is produced from oxygen-bleached wood pulp and viscose fibres. It combines excellent thermal insulation performance with the ability to absorb and transfer humidity.

Available to special order only

Composition & Manufacture

  • Completely natural and ecological
  • By-products recycled into process

Installation & Disposal

  • A pleasure to handle, cut and install
  • No release of harmful emissions
  • Avoids the use of treated (toxic) timber
  • Durable / Low maintenance
  • Reusable / recyclable / compostable


  • Excellent thermal performance in Winter
  • Excellent thermal performance in Summer
  • Excellent acoustic dampening properties
  • High vapour permeability
  • Hygroscopic (absorbs & releases moisture)
  • Absorbs harmful VOC’s and toxins
  • Vermin and fungus resistant
  • Electrically neutral / does not corrode metals
  • Prevents the growth of mould on structure
  • Protects structure from spread of flame
  • Free from toxins and allergens

VITAL 040 batts are semi-rigid insulation batts made from oxygen-bleached cellulose and viscose fibres, food grade cellulose based binder, and a pH neutral boron liquid that provides permanent protection against rot and fire. They are manufactured in Finland in a patented manufacturing process which produces 40% more energy than it consumes.

VITAL 040 is able to absorb over 20% moisture without losing significantly on thermal performance (7 times more moisture than a mineral wool product of equivalent density). In addition, its excellent specific heat capacity ensures that VITAL 040 not only insulates during the winter, but also prevents summer overheating (2.4 times better than a mineral wool of equivalent density).

VITAL 040 is a hygroscopic material. It is therefore able to bind, transfer and release humidity and so regulate the indoor climate. Its use in timber frames constructions will also protect the timbers from moisture, fire, and biological (mould, fungi, bacteria, insects) damage. Structural timbers without preservative treatment can therefore be used.

At the end of its useful life VITAL 040 insulation can be recycled or disposed of as compost.


• Suitable for floors, walls and roof constructions
• Pre-fabrication or in-situ • New and renovation work


Raw materials Cellulose / Viscose fibres
Binder CMC adhesive
Fire protecting agent Boron mineral solution

Dimensions (standard)

Batt size 870 x 565 mm
Batt thickness 50 / 100 / 150 mm
Coverage per pack 5.90 / 2.95 / 1.97 m²
Coverage per pallet 94.4 / 47.1 / 31.5 m²

Technical data

Density, ρ 20 - 60 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity, λ10 0.034 W/ m.K
Thermal conductivity, λn 0.037 W/m.K
Specific heat capacity, c 2000 J/Kg.K
Diffusion resistance, µ 1
Air permeability 45 x 10-6 m³/m.s.Pa
Fire rating Class B1 / B2
Embodied energy PEInr MJ / kg
Global Warming GWD100 kg CO2 equiv


• Certification Z-23.11-1266 (DIBt)

Date publishedTitleFile sizeDocument type
Vital 040
Cellulose wool insulation batt ideally suited for timber-frame construction.
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Vital 040
Handling and installation instructions
850 KB Technical data sheet

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