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Rubber impact sound insulation matting


Regupol is a sound insulation material used for underfloor impact sound reduction. It is made from recycled rubber and cork with a polyurethane binder, and is suitable for use under most floor finishes, as well as between structural floor elements.

Regupol is an excellent use of recycled rubber. It is supplied in rolls of 3mm and 5mm thicknesses and is easy to install. It is temperature resistant from - 40 °C up to +110°C.

Regupol can be used to reduce noise on stairs (5mm recommended) and impact sound from hard floor finishes. It can be installed in strips on top of joists, or in rolls between floor elements to minimise the transmission of impact noise from above to below. It can also be used as a carpet underlay.

  • Good impact sound insulation properties
  • Reduces floor impact sound
  • Easy to install
  • Temperature resistant
  • Recycled product, environmentally safe
  • The minimal thickness of the product means that it can be used as an under carpet layer
  • Suitable for use under timber floors, linoleum, carpet or ceramic tiles

Under a carpet

As a carpet underlay Regupol provides a softer surface to walk on as well as effective impact sound insulation. The Regupol should be adhesive fixed to the base floor, and the carpet loose-laid on top.

Under a timber floor

Regupol is effective at reducing the impact sound of footsteps to the rooms below. It should be adhesive fixed to the level base floor, or in strips along the top of floor joists, before installing a floating timber floor on top. Any fixings that penetrate through the Regupol to the base structure should be avoided in order to reduce the transmission of impact vibration. If necessary this can be achieved by introducing an intermediate floating timber sheet floor, 22mm thick with glued tongue and grooved joints, onto which timber floor boards or parquet can then be fixed.

To complete the installation, strips of Regupol should be adhesive fixed at the floor perimeter, to isolate the flooring elements from the walls.

Under linoleum

Regupol can be used under dark-coloured lino only (for light coloured linos a separating layer should be used). It should be adhesive fixed to the level base floor, and the lino can be loose-laid or glued as desired. Regupol can be used under lino floors where castor chairs are to be used.

Under ceramic tiles

The 5mm thickness of Regupol should be used, fixed to the base floor with a flexible cement adhesive. The ceramic tiles should then be fixed on top of the Regupol with flexible cement adhesive, and grouted with a flexible grout.


Total coverage of natural latex adhesive is recommended ensuring that, in wet floor areas such as bathrooms, the floor finishes are completely sealed.

Width of roll 1m
Length of roll3mm
Thickness 3/5mm
Density 470 kg/m³
Tensile strength 0.6 N/mm²
Thermal conductivity 0.12 W/mK
Sound reduction of 3mm 18dB when used with 2mm lino
Sound reduction of 5mm 15dB when used with 6mm ceramic floor tiles bedded in 4mm adhesive layer
Date publishedTitleFile sizeDocument type
Rubber impact sound insulation matting
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