Claytec Reed Mats

Claytec reed boards provide a rigid backing for rendering either ceilings, walls or roofs. They can also be used internally in timber frame construction.

Available in 20mm and 50mm thicknesses, the 20mm Claytec reed board can also be used as a curved rendering base.

The Claytec reed boards are nailed to the base construction with reed board pegs, using screws or are pressed into freshly applied plaster. They provide a base for rendering either plaster ceilings, walls or roofs.

The boards are easily cut with a metal blade jigsaw. A side-cutter can be used to cut through the wires which bind the reeds together.


• For timber frame construction.
• For building refurbishment and restoration as well as new build.


Length 2m
Board thickness 50mm (20mm by special order)
Width 1m (1250 / 1500/ 2000mm by special order)
Density 190 kg/m³
Weight 20mm board: 4.5kg/m²
50mm board: 10.5kg/m²
Thermal conductivity 0.056W/mK
Weight per board 20mm board: 9 kg/ board
50mm board: 21kg/ board
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