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Claytec compressed unfired clay bricks

Claytec NF compressed clay brick

laying Karphosit clay blocks

Claytec compressed unfired clay bricks are earth bricks that can be used for non-loadbearing walls or infill for timber frame constructions. They have a high density which gives them good acoustic properties and a high thermal mass. Clay bricks also help regulate temperature and humidity, making them ideal for 'breathing' constructions.

  • The density of Claytec compressed clay bricks is ideal for thermal mass and sound insulation
  • Ideally suited for high comfort modern buildings
  • Clay surfaces absorb and diffuse water vapour
  • Clay absorbs odours
  • Clay surfaces are cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Clay products are ideal for historic building refurbishment as well as new build

These compressed clay bricks are more dense than the Claytec light clay bricks (2DF) bricks, and therefore provide higher thermal mass, as well as good sound insulation.

They can be dry stacked within a timber framework or wet laid to form non loadbearing brickwork which can be plastered with a clay plaster or left as fairfaced brickwork. External walls must be rendered. For non loadbearing brickwork light clay mortar is used, which is a mixture of clay and sand.

Claytec products, which are manufactured in Germany, also include plasters, clay boards and mortars, and embody experience gained from over 15 years of working with clay on a commercial scale. They are high quality products widely used all over the continent.

Claytec compressed unfired clay bricks

Height 71mm
Length 240mm
Width 115 mm
Allow for 5% dimensional variation on height, length and width
Density 1500 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity 0.95 W/mK
Number of bricks / m² 50 / m²
Packaged 416 kg per pallet

Light Clay Mortar

1,200kg bag (1m³ size) Sufficient for 28m² of clay brick wall construction
Date publishedTitleFile sizeDocument type
Claytec compressed unfired clay bricks
Claytec NF compressed clay brick offering thermal mass and acoustic performance.
174 KB Product sheet
CLAYTEC 1900 Bricks
Unfired clay bricks for building of non-structural, thermally massive internal walls and linings.
21 KB Technical data sheet

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