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Clay board

Building boards bringing the advantages of clay to dry wall construction

Claytec Clay board

Clay board is a practical alternative to gypsum plasterboard that combines all the advantages of drywall construction for internal walls and ceilings and additionally gives the opportunity to introduce clay, with all its benefits, into the living environment.

  • Clay boards are 100% natural
  • Once coated with a clay skim finish the surface can take picture hooks, wallpaper and paints
  • Clay surfaces absorb and diffuse water vapour
  • Clay absorbs odours
  • Clay surfaces are cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Clay products are not only good for new buildings but are ideal for historic building refurbishment
  • Clay is exceptionally good at reducing noise levels

Clay is one of the earliest used basic building materials and now it is available in board form - making it a thoroughly modern and convenient building material with outstanding natural properties. It is especially suitable for high comfort, low energy buildings.

Claytec clay board, which is manufactured in Germany, is a combination of clay, reed and hessian. Clay boards are heavier and thicker than gypsum plasterboards and have outstanding thermal and vapour diffusion properties. The boards can regulate temperature, are able to absorb moisture, and at other times, gently give it off again.

Clay also absorbs odours and is an effective sound insulator.

Claytec finishing plaster or Tierrafino are recommended for giving the clay board a skim coat finish.

Claytec products, which include plasters, unfired clay bricks and mortars, embody experience gained from over 15 years of working with clay on a commercial scale. They are high quality products widely used all over the continent, and Construction Resources is proud to be introducing them into the UK.

Length 1500 mm
Thickness 25 mm
Width 625 mm
Covering area 0.94 m²/board
Inflammability conforms to DIN 4102 building material class B1
Density 700 kg/m³
Weight 12.5 kg/m² / 11.71 kg/board
Thermal conductivity 0.14 W/mK
Vapour diffusion resistance µ = 10

  • Claytec clayboard is also available in 16 mm thick boards 625 x 625 mm for patching and repairing existing walls.
  • Clay boards can be cut with a jigsaw, using a metal blade. They can be fixed with 5mm standard countersunk screws.
  • Boards may be given a clay skim finish or a skim coating of Tierrafino.
Date publishedTitleFile sizeDocument type
Clay board
The advantages of clay as an alternative to plasterboard.
186 KB Product sheet
Claytec Clayboard D25
Dry lining board for internal use.
355 KB Technical data sheet

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