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Construction Resources is now focussed on solar-thermal systems, wood-fired stoves, high-efficiency energy control systems and low-temperature wall, floor, skirting and duct heating.

Following a financial re-structuring in 2007, we had to move out of our building at Great Guildford Street, and we do not at the moment have a public display of our products. We are actively trading from our new office in Rotherhithe, London SE16 4NF, and we will be glad to arrange an appointment to discuss your project there if needed.

We are in discussion with third parties about cooperating on distributing some of the other products which we used to sell, and will post notification on our website when these discussions come to fruition. Right now (January 21, 2008) we have some stock at our new warehouse in Kent of Tierrafino clay plasters and paints, as well as our heating products. We can also supply some insulation products, but to special order, not generally from stock.

Our office is at 111 Rotherhithe Street, London SE16 4NF, and our current telephone number is 020 7232 1181. Please contact us by mail, telephone or email ( for any enquiries about the products which we distribute.

Please note that our website has not yet been re-structured to reflect the changes in our product range. We anticipate that this will be completed during February. Please contact us if you have queries about specific products.

111 Rotherhithe Street
London SE16 4NF

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